It is acutely aware of soil instability in the most countries. With its knowledge of various soil components, it understands how homes and other structures situated on unstable soils settle when their foundations are subjected to extreme moisture conditions or lack proper drainage.

Sinorock has became an authorized contractor for self drilling hollow anchor bar systemBy utilizing the latest technologies in manufacturing, Sinorock’s hollow bar anchors are constructed for longevity and easy operation. The expansive outsideplant product offering can be grouped into these categories;R thread anchor system,T thread anchor system,Anticorrosion hollow bar,Sinorock also services mining,tunneling,slope foundation&hydroelectric with commercial fasteners and specialized hollow anchor bars that are available in many packaging forms and point of purchase displays.

By partnering with product development, sourcing, warehousing and logistics teams in key markets, we can offer our customers a full range of value-added product and supply chain services to enhance access to innovation, cost savings and speed to market.