As the global redevelopment of urban areas continues, either by redesigning existing or by building new structures, the need for a cost-


efficient method to stabilize structures in these sensitive areas is increasing.


Sinorock has responded to the increasing industry need by offering the Hollow Bar product lines to a certified dealer network.The Sinorock anchoring systems can be used to stabilize slopes, support rocks at shallow or steep depths, prevent cave-ins, and offer tunnel support. With quick, efficient installation, it combines drilling, placing, and grouting all in one operation.

Sinorock offers the hollow bar injection-bore micropile that serves as an economical solution for challenging soil conditions where installing conventional micropiles may not be the best option. For example, those with collapsible soils (those not conducive to open-hole drilling), large boulders, or other obstructions.

The micropile is formed in a single, top-down operation by the injection of a high-pressure, neat cement grout mixture that is pumped through the bar, while also serving as the drill string. The neat grout mix exits through ports at the end of the sacrificial bit and permeates into the looser adjacent soils forming a competent reinforced grout column.