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Soil instability with Sinorock hollow bar anchors

Le 11 juillet 2017, 12:16 dans Humeurs 0

It is acutely aware of soil instability in the most countries. With its knowledge of various soil components, it understands how homes and other structures situated on unstable soils settle when their foundations are subjected to extreme moisture conditions or lack proper drainage.

Sinorock has became an authorized contractor for self drilling hollow anchor bar systemBy utilizing the latest technologies in manufacturing, Sinorock’s hollow bar anchors are constructed for longevity and easy operation. The expansive outsideplant product offering can be grouped into these categories;R thread anchor system,T thread anchor system,Anticorrosion hollow bar,Sinorock also services mining,tunneling,slope foundation&hydroelectric with commercial fasteners and specialized hollow anchor bars that are available in many packaging forms and point of purchase displays.

By partnering with product development, sourcing, warehousing and logistics teams in key markets, we can offer our customers a full range of value-added product and supply chain services to enhance access to innovation, cost savings and speed to market.

Sinorock is the hollow anchor bolt‘s professional supplier for geotechnical anchoring

Le 3 juillet 2017, 11:07 dans Humeurs 0

The fundamental principle of geotechnical anchoring is to transfer tension of structures or keep self stability of excavation face in stratum, relying on shearing strength of hollow anchor bolt’s surrounding stratum.

The main functions of geotechnical anchoring are:

1. Providing resisting power on structures for bearing external load. It directs at point contacting stratum.

2. Producing compressive stress area at anchored stratum or having reinforced effect on rocks.

3. Reinforcing and strengthening intensity of stratum. Also it can improve other mechanical properties in stratum.

4. When hollow anchor bolt passing anchored structures, prestressing force can also be produced on structures.

5. Through hollow anchor bolt, structures and rocks can be chained together, forming a collaborated composite structure, which makes rocks bear effective tensile and shearing force.

Sinorock is a complete geotechnical solution company that helps in realising efficient and economical design and construction of civil engineering structures,Sinorock is the professional in self drilling hollow bar design as the useful solution for constructions around the world .

We are leading service providers in Geological & Geotechnical Investigations, Rock Mechanics, Geophysical Investigations & Concrete Technology for power, transport, building and industry sectors.We also undertake specialised jobs like Slope Stabilization and Ground Improvement & Construction Materials Survey in addition to Non-Destructive Testing of Structures.

We are motivated by the simple fact that our success is tied to your satisfaction. Our team comprises of professionals drawn from varied fields of civil engineering and allied skills. We strive to accomplish a project efficiently & on schedule.









Sinorock is outstanding in manufacturing hollow bar system

Le 2 avril 2017, 06:15 dans Humeurs 0

Many anchor bolt manuacturer over-promise and under-deliver.Sinorock is different.At Sinorock,our model is built on satisfying our customers, whom we aim to serve with integrity, honesty, and above all, quality special anchor bolts.Unlike our competitors, we do not employ aggressive sales people. Instead, our Project Managers supervise your order from receipt of enquiry to our product's arrival on your site. 

Our aim is to build long-term partnerships, so customer satisfaction, not short term gain, is our utmost priority. Through our personal service, our aim is to become the most trusted anchor bolt manufacturer of special rock bolts. This alternative approach is standing us in good stead, as we continue to maintain year-on-year growth and can proudly continue to create jobs.

The anchor bolt products in Sinorock are adopted different materials to suit for several construction conditions, for example: self drilling anchor bolt applies in weak and broken conditions, stainless self drilling anchor bolt and duplex coating anchor bolt suit for conditions which are influenced by underground water or chemical corrosive objects.

Sinorock has the superior capability and enough capacity for manufacturing quality hollow bar system.Sinorock's hollow bar system is a stronger, lighter alternative to most of the engineerings. 

Through extensive research, we’ve developed advanced mechanical joining methods for aluminum, high-strength steel, and composite applications. Sinorock's hollow bar system was a pioneer in the development of rock and soil anchor systems and technology.


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