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Sinorock is outstanding in manufacturing hollow bar system

Le 2 avril 2017, 06:15 dans Humeurs 0

Many anchor bolt manuacturer over-promise and under-deliver.Sinorock is different.At Sinorock,our model is built on satisfying our customers, whom we aim to serve with integrity, honesty, and above all, quality special anchor bolts.Unlike our competitors, we do not employ aggressive sales people. Instead, our Project Managers supervise your order from receipt of enquiry to our product's arrival on your site. 

Our aim is to build long-term partnerships, so customer satisfaction, not short term gain, is our utmost priority. Through our personal service, our aim is to become the most trusted anchor bolt manufacturer of special rock bolts. This alternative approach is standing us in good stead, as we continue to maintain year-on-year growth and can proudly continue to create jobs.

The anchor bolt products in Sinorock are adopted different materials to suit for several construction conditions, for example: self drilling anchor bolt applies in weak and broken conditions, stainless self drilling anchor bolt and duplex coating anchor bolt suit for conditions which are influenced by underground water or chemical corrosive objects.

Sinorock has the superior capability and enough capacity for manufacturing quality hollow bar system.Sinorock's hollow bar system is a stronger, lighter alternative to most of the engineerings. 

Through extensive research, we’ve developed advanced mechanical joining methods for aluminum, high-strength steel, and composite applications. Sinorock's hollow bar system was a pioneer in the development of rock and soil anchor systems and technology.


The Sinorock injection micropile is a foundation support system

Le 28 mars 2017, 11:07 dans Humeurs 0

Hollow anchor bar has following advantages:

1. High efficiency: Self-drilling hollow anchor bar  combines drilling, grouting and anchoring together, several processes can be done at the same time, which is time-saving and high-efficient.

2. Suitable for stratum which difficult to drill hole: When encountering loose and broken surrounding rocks, it is difficult to drill hole and easy to collapse; while self drilling rock bolt can overcome this situation. After drilling hole, anchor bar still stays in the hole, which ignores collapse, saves time and reduce construction difficulties.

3. High adaptability: There is whole thread on the surface of self drilling hollow anchor bar, it can be cut at any position. So it is suitable for different construction conditions.

4. High anchoring force: The thread of self drilling hollow anchor bar divides into R-thread and T-thread. They can both connect with coupling tightly and have good bonding effect with grouting slurry.

5. Good anchoring effect: When grouting, slurry is from the bottom to orifice, the effect is full and dense, grouting quality is good.

6. Simple to construct: Compared with common rock bolt, self drilling hollow anchor bar has decreased the processes of pulling out of hole, installing anchor bar and inserting grouting pipes, which is quick and simple.

For home repair needs due to storm surge caused by a natural disaster, the first step is to contact a Certified Sinorock.

The Sinorock injection micropile is a foundation support system that is a grouted shaft around a standard Sinorock SDA bolt. The lateral load capacity resists the transferring wave action and debris impact from creating a disruption in a home’s stabilization. For each home, the quantity and spacing of the Micropiles are adjusted to meet the unique structural support needs. Visit our Product Solutions page to learn more about Sinorock SDA bolts and their key attributes that make them ideal for Structural Elevation

While many homeowners have found peace-of-mind from Sinorock rock bolting Technology, each plan is different because each home is different. Rest assured that your home repair plan will best suit the structural needs of your home (based on weight and architectural design) as well as the geotechnical properties of the soil beneath it.

Many contractors specialize in very specific methods when it comes to home elevation. Make sure you have a reputable contractor raise your home and a Certified Sinorock Installer to properly install your Micropiles. Only Certified Sinorock Installers can offer the fully transferrable Sinorock Warranty.

The range of Sinorock self drilling hollow bar system features various grades of high quality

Le 25 mars 2017, 08:40 dans Humeurs 0

In fractured geology, drill hollow bar can save lots of time than traditional anchor. The reason is that self-drilling bolt does not need to put the case in and out of the ground. And the grouting also will be done during the drilling, when the drilling finished, the grouting finished too.
Hollow bar system is a flexible shoring system and is constructed from top to the bottom in steps parallel to excavation.The main elements of the system are self drilling bolts, reinforced shotcrete surface cover and subhorizontal drains.The length and spacing of the self drilling hollow bars are variable depending on the depth of the excavation, environmental loads and soil conditions, etc.

Drill Hollow Bar Anchors are installed by rotating the anchors into the ground with a rotary torque motor. Capacities up to 200,000 pounds per anchor are obtainable with this system and are available in either a square or tubular shaft configuration. The Sinorock self drilling rock bolts can be proof tested immediately, as there is no grout to cure. Installation of the helical tieback can take place in almost any weather with conventional drilling equipment. No concrete trucks or grout pumps required. There are also customized drilled and grouted support systems available.Sinorock's self drilling hollow bar systems are in use around the world, securing famous structures, large dams and retaining walls, holding down underpasses and underground structures,stabilising wind turbine towers and preventing landslides.Sinorock was incorporated at the turn of the millennium and has been trading in the supply of self drilling hollow bar system and other geotechnical products to the Civil Engineering industries throughout the world. Today we have created partnering organisations in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Turkey and Spain. We are also progressing with our efforts for the supply of our technologies in various sectors in the United States, Middle East and Australasia.During the construction of high-rise buildings, choosing self drilling rock bolt of Sinorock with good tensile and yield strength,self drilling hollow bar has good supporting effect and has played an important role.

Sinorock's self drilling hollow bar is the perfect solution for the most challenging projects The range of Sinorock self drilling hollow bar system features various grades of high quality .With a production range of Tthread to R thread, we will design the perfect engineering solution for your project.

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