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The range of Sinorock self drilling hollow bar system features various grades of high quality

Le 25 mars 2017, 08:40 dans Humeurs 0

In fractured geology, drill hollow bar can save lots of time than traditional anchor. The reason is that self-drilling bolt does not need to put the case in and out of the ground. And the grouting also will be done during the drilling, when the drilling finished, the grouting finished too.
Hollow bar system is a flexible shoring system and is constructed from top to the bottom in steps parallel to excavation.The main elements of the system are self drilling bolts, reinforced shotcrete surface cover and subhorizontal drains.The length and spacing of the self drilling hollow bars are variable depending on the depth of the excavation, environmental loads and soil conditions, etc.

Drill Hollow Bar Anchors are installed by rotating the anchors into the ground with a rotary torque motor. Capacities up to 200,000 pounds per anchor are obtainable with this system and are available in either a square or tubular shaft configuration. The Sinorock self drilling rock bolts can be proof tested immediately, as there is no grout to cure. Installation of the helical tieback can take place in almost any weather with conventional drilling equipment. No concrete trucks or grout pumps required. There are also customized drilled and grouted support systems available.Sinorock's self drilling hollow bar systems are in use around the world, securing famous structures, large dams and retaining walls, holding down underpasses and underground structures,stabilising wind turbine towers and preventing landslides.Sinorock was incorporated at the turn of the millennium and has been trading in the supply of self drilling hollow bar system and other geotechnical products to the Civil Engineering industries throughout the world. Today we have created partnering organisations in Ireland, Denmark, Sweden, Poland, Belgium, France, Czech Republic, Turkey and Spain. We are also progressing with our efforts for the supply of our technologies in various sectors in the United States, Middle East and Australasia.During the construction of high-rise buildings, choosing self drilling rock bolt of Sinorock with good tensile and yield strength,self drilling hollow bar has good supporting effect and has played an important role.

Sinorock's self drilling hollow bar is the perfect solution for the most challenging projects The range of Sinorock self drilling hollow bar system features various grades of high quality .With a production range of Tthread to R thread, we will design the perfect engineering solution for your project.

Sinorock hollow bar system always committed to supply low cost& high efficiency

Le 21 janvier 2017, 10:43 dans Humeurs 0

With the development of economy, the coal as main energy demand is becoming more and more huge, coal as the main production in the coal industry is also facing the deep development of the problem, with the increase of excavation depth, roadway supporting faces many difficulties, in order to improve the support strength, enhance security, we need to analyze the application of self drilling hollow bar support in coal mine internal. 

Self drilling hollow bar is a direct acting within the surrounding rock of roadway,it is different from the old ways such as wood beams , in other words, it is from the past passive support on the outside of the rock into the internal active support, so that we can reduce the deformation of roadway, improving the bearing capacity of self drilling hollow bar support. 

Sinorock hollow bar system always committed to supply low cost, high efficiency, energy saving and environment-friendly products for global customers. We are confident for new challenges of future development and we are keeping improve our quality and service as well as management for better serving our customers and payback to the society. 

The method of Sinorock stabilizes unstable slope surface using the combination of hollow bars and wire ropes. 

By tightening wire ropes, it is possible to hold back the loosened slope ground so that small scale surface sliding will be prevented.

Sinorock hollow bar system usually play the role of micro-piles

Le 17 septembre 2016, 11:52 dans Humeurs 0

When it comes to the application of Sinorock hollow bar system in bridge construction, it is usually play the role of micro-piles. Suitable for narrow working facilities, Sinorock hollow bar system can guarantee the normal operation and safety within the pit. Sinorock hollow bar system is small construction equipment, which can effectively prevent the deformation of foundation pit and the movement of the pit soil outside.

Sinorock Self Drilling hollow bar provides an effective permanent anchor that can be readily installed into loose or collapsing ground without the need for a casing. Rotary percussive drilling, combined with simultaneous grouting, ensures that the grout penetrates the surrounding ground to provide an increased level of bond. 

All Sinorock Self Drilling hollow bars should incorporate a fixed length (bonded in the stable zone) and a free length (debonded with a sleeve, in the wedge zone) to enable the anchor to be prestressed. The prestress provides an active restraint, enabling the anchor to resist service loadings without additional elongation. 

Sinorock Self Drilling hollow bar Systems (irrespective of threadform) are very suitable as permanent anchors. The ground anchor length is flexible, it can be lengthened. It adapts to several projects, such as railway, tunnel, hydro-junction, slope, dam, bridge base, high-rise building, construction reinforcement and so on. 

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