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Sinorock hollow bar system usually play the role of micro-piles

Le 17 septembre 2016, 11:52 dans Humeurs 0

When it comes to the application of Sinorock hollow bar system in bridge construction, it is usually play the role of micro-piles. Suitable for narrow working facilities, Sinorock hollow bar system can guarantee the normal operation and safety within the pit. Sinorock hollow bar system is small construction equipment, which can effectively prevent the deformation of foundation pit and the movement of the pit soil outside.

Sinorock Self Drilling hollow bar provides an effective permanent anchor that can be readily installed into loose or collapsing ground without the need for a casing. Rotary percussive drilling, combined with simultaneous grouting, ensures that the grout penetrates the surrounding ground to provide an increased level of bond. 

All Sinorock Self Drilling hollow bars should incorporate a fixed length (bonded in the stable zone) and a free length (debonded with a sleeve, in the wedge zone) to enable the anchor to be prestressed. The prestress provides an active restraint, enabling the anchor to resist service loadings without additional elongation. 

Sinorock Self Drilling hollow bar Systems (irrespective of threadform) are very suitable as permanent anchors. The ground anchor length is flexible, it can be lengthened. It adapts to several projects, such as railway, tunnel, hydro-junction, slope, dam, bridge base, high-rise building, construction reinforcement and so on. 

Grouting parameters and working principle of hollow bar anchor

Le 10 août 2016, 11:49 dans Humeurs 0

Hollow bar anchor can carry out drilling, grouting and anchoring integrally and will well improve surrounding rocks in various types of slope treatments so as to gain expected support results and solve hole forming difficulty problems in anchoring.

With increasing traffic, energy and other infrastructure constructions, anchoring technology has developed rapidly, which can give full play rock self-stability in tunnels, basements and slope. It shows broad prospects with the use level of hollow bar anchor. 

Given all that, the grouting parameters of hollow anchor bar are as follows:

⑴ Hollow anchor bar system

Grouting material: cement slurry

Water cement ratio: 0.4 ~ 0.5

Grouting pressure: 0.2 ~ 0.5Mpa

⑵ Expansion hollow anchor bar system

Grouting material: grout

Water cement ratio: 0.4 ~ 0.5

Grouting pressure: 0.35 ~ 0.45Mpa

The amount of 4.0m hollow anchor bar used crack repair is 240 and 10.0m expansion hollow anchor bar is 160. From the actually monitoring data, we can find hollow anchor bar has a obvious grouting reinforcement and achieves the desired effect. 

Hollow anchor bar which compared to previous anchor construction,improve the bolt grouting construction technology, effectively solved the problem which the anchor grouting is not full,after years of use, and it has been widely used in tunnel construction.

Here introduce the working principle of hollow anchor bar:

Mortar through a small section of the hollow anchor bar body from the connection on the set of pulp slurry mouth, bolt used in arch department, mortar filling anchor hole from bottom to top, anchor hole air vent, from the depth of the anchor hole at the top of the exhaust pipe and mortar grouting process, the inherent nature of air, to ensure the mortar and close-grained.

With our long history of manufacturing and constantly challenging ourselves to improve,Sinorock have become the one of professional hollow anchor bolt manufacturers in China. We are proudly manufacture using domestic steel and support other manufacturers when ever possible.


Hollow bar is a lightweight tool

Le 28 mai 2016, 06:25 dans Humeurs 0

Hollow bar is a lightweight tool designed to transfer home anchoring to the ground. It is easy to install and it consists of cables and rods that are connected to a bearing plate thus used for stabilization of steep slopes. Initially, it was used in the United States to support excavation systems. The tool is often used to transmit a tensile load to the ground. It is installed in grout-filled drill holes. 

The main components of the tool are anchorage, free stressing length and bond length.

Our range of hollow bar anchors and fittings offers probably the best currently available system for securing outdoor products directly to the ground, no concrete or  special tools are needed. All the products are available online from this website, with secure payments by any of the major credit or debit cards.


Where to use our hollow bars

Known variously as spiral hollow bars or helical anchors, the Standard Erdanker® range is used for securing play equipment, small wooden buildings, park benches, sheds, gazebos, greenhouses, picnic tables, rabbit hutches, kennels, street furniture, supporting trees, municipal equipment including bins, seating, clay pigeon traps, tents and much more.

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